Squirrel dangers to your Michgan home:
Squirrels make nests in attics, wall and floor voids, barns, and many other man-made structures. They are known for chewing on electrical wires and cause damage to wiring in homes and businesses. Studies have shown that squirrels are responsible for 6% of all house fires.

Quick Facts:
There are several types of squirrels in Michigan: the Fox, Gray, Red, and Flying squirrels are the most common. They have made an easy adaptation to the urban environment, finding shelter in many man-made structures and food from bird feeders!

Squirrel removal solutions:
Remove/trap the current squirrels living in the structure and seal up all possible squirrel entry points. Modify any exterior habitat such as over hanging branches, excess bird seed and over-growth near foundation.

Squirrel damage to your home can be dangerous and expensive if they are not properly expelled.

How to remove squirrels from your Lansing area home?
Call Molemen Inc.!