When animals such as raccoons or bats get caught in your Michigan attic, they may reside there for some time before they are actually discovered and removed. With bats, this can be especially dangerous as bat feces, also known as guano, is susceptible to a fungus that causes histoplasmosis in humans.

The effects of histoplasmosis are serious and often require medical treatment. To read more about histoplasmosis click on the link provided to the article
The Hidden Danger that Bats Leave Behind: Guano By L. Shepherd.

Our company provides you with attic cleanout and restoration service where we remove the contaminated insulation and feces from your residence sanitize the environment and install fresh insulation.

In Michigan it is required that you have a Nuisance Wildlife Removal permit to get rid of the offending animal, a Pesticide license to treat for left behind insects, and a Builder's license to repair the damage done to the house. MoleMen, Inc is one of the few companies in the whole state to be triple-licensed. Hiring qualified companies that do the job right saves Michigan homeowners money in the long run.
Removal of contaminated insulation
This mound of bat feces was immense!
Attic Restoration
Replaced insulation also increasing your home's energy efficiency
Removal of contaminated insulation
Inspection, Exclusion, Prevention!
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